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    Dr. Melchor-Beaupre is now practicing in South Florida.   We appreciate and will

     miss her valuable contributions to our practice.



Specializing in Pediatric & Clinical and Health Psychology


 Website Artcles by Dr. Melchor:  

   Psychological Aspects of Cancer Care

   How Do I Know When Someone Needs Psychological Care for Cancer?

    "Broadening the Scope of Practice with Pediatric Oncology Patients: Considerations for Palliative & End-of- Life Care Interventions",  Florida Psychological Association Annual Convention, July 2008. 


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Dr. Melchor presented on broadening the scope of practice in pediatric oncology at the Florida Psychological Association Annual Convention June 2008.

Also visit:  CANCERPEDIATRIC.COM for links on cancer Care.

           FAQ:         What is a child Psychotherapist?

M.S Children or adolescents struggling with depression or adjustment difficulties often have different needs and require a different approach than do adults. 

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