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The focused and time-limited nature of the program is designed to be helpful to patients who prefer self-control techniques, wish to reduce medication use, or those who may prefer an outcome-oriented approach to their pain management problems. Other individuals may benefit from these services in addition to their prescribed medication.

Participation requires physician referral.

Initial Assessment:

Psychosocial History
Mental Status Examination
Headache Questionnaire
Beck Depression Inventory-II
Human Activity Profile (HAP)
Symptom Checklist 90-R

Outcome Assessment:

Beck Depression Inventory-II
Human Activity Profile (HAP)
Symptom Checklist 90-R

12-Session Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment:

Behaviors & Triggers
Relaxation Training (Progressive or Autogenic)
Cognitive Training Focusing on Maladaptive
Behavior & Beliefs
Imagery Training
Attention-Diversion Training
Modification of Immediate Antecedents
Modification of Lifestyle Factors
Training Time Management & Problem Solving
Contingency Management Procedures
Targeting Partner’s Response to Headaches

Please call (352) 336-2888 for information about this or any of our programs. We are dedicated to providing quality psychological assessment, consultation, & treatment services to the North Central Florida Community.

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