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Providing Services to Children, Adolescents and Families

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Clinical Psychology Associates of North Central Florida (CPANCF) has an established tradition of providing psychotherapy and psychological assessment services for children, adolescents and college students in the Gainesville and Ocala Florida areas. 

CPANCF is one of the areas most experienced providers, with a more than 30-year history of providing pediatric, child and adolescent assessment and psychotherapy services by individuals trained to work with children, adolescents, and college students in school, hospital, and community settings. 

Our staff has a great deal of experience in pediatric neuropsychology, medical psychology, and clinical and health psychology. They treat children and adolescents who may suffer a variety of medical or health-related issues such as those suffering traumatic injuries, brain injuries, or medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and serious medical illness. 


We provide some of the North Central Florida area's most comprehensive pediatric neuropsychological evaluations for those with ADHD,  Learning Disorder (LD) and Autism Spectrum Disorders.  We were the first practice in the Gainesville and Ocala area to offer social skill groups for ADHD. Nonverbal LD and children in the autism spectrum. 


Please browse our section on Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder using the links to the left. There you will find further information about our ADHD assessment, pediatric neuropsychological assessment and treatment services. Most experts agree that a multi-modal treatment program is the key to addressing this common but persisting disorder.

In addition to these specialty areas, our providers are experienced in treating adjustment issues in children and adolescents, and in the assessment and treatment of depression, bipolar disorder and childhood and adolescent anxiety problems including childhood fears, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety disorder, school anxiety or avoidance, and PTSD.  Counseling and psychotherapy arealso offered for peers or family difficulties, coping with divorce, and self-esteem issues

 We also perform assessments to assist with Gifted placement, accommodations for testing, and assistance with career choices. 

Pediatric neuropsychological assessment of preschool, child and adolescent head injuries and other neurological condition and injuries is offered.  We are often asked to perform complex or forensic neuropsychological assessments.  Our dedication to providing comprehensive assessment, review of history, mental status and testing has contributed to our decision to avoid being encumbered by the restrictive limitations of managed care and many other insurance plans.  Our commitment has been and will remain to maintain excellence in our diagnostic and assessment services.

Visit our website archives for articles on parenting, childhood depression,  bedwetting, childhood fears, how to talk to adolescents about drugs, ADHD, step-families, single parenting, divorce, and other topics of interest.

Visit our staff pages to learn more about our staff and their areas of training and expertise.


FAQ:  What is a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist?

            What is Pediatric Neuropsychology?

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