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The Addict
Clinical Psychology Associates of North Central Florida offers outpatient alcohol and drug treatment and assessment services to the North Central Florida Community including Gainesville and Ocala.  Services are provided by experienced doctoral level providers in psychology who have formal training in both psychotherapy and the assessment and treatment of substance abuse or dependence.  Services include employee assistance programs (EAP), Department of Transportation (DOT) Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) assessments, evaluations of impaired medical and other professionals, fitness for duty evaluations, neuropsychological evaluations to assess impact of alcohol or substance abuse of cognitive functioning, individual therapy, group therapy, psychological assessment and dual diagnosis treatment. 

Our office has over 30 years of experience in inpatient and outpatient services. 

Our staff is experienced in dealing with problems which may co-exist with alcohol and drug problems such as anxiety, depression, marital issues, career concerns, and co-dependency.  Special focus and experience with impaired medical providers, attorneys, law enforcement officers, and other professionals, women, and dual diagnosis.  Assessments are also provided on behalf of government agencies, impaired professional programs, employers and the courts.

Our private offices offer an alternative to large hospital or conglomerate-based systems.  This ensures a more personal approach, a flexible and tailored treatment plan and the likelihood of greater privacy.  

See Dr. Hurlock's Power-Point slide presentation on substance abuse by clicking Substance Abuse. 

Alcohol and Substance Abuse in the United States: Evermore Grave


Initial Assessment:

Psychosocial History
Mental Status Examination 
Personality Tests and Inventories
Review of Medical Records



Alcohol and Drug Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How do I know if I have an Alcohol Problem?

Just how much is "one drink"?

How do I know if I have a drug problem?

Can my prescription drug use be a problem?

What is the difference between alcohol or drug abuse and dependence?

How much do I need to drink before it is considered abuse and what is a binge?

What is binge drinking?

What is alcohol poisoning?

Are alcohol and drug problems the same for men and women?

What is polysubstance abuse or dependence?

Is my alcohol or drug treatment confidential?

What is dual diagnosis?

What about underage drinking?

Is the same type of treatment right for everyone?

Do you incorporate a 12-step program such as AA or NA?

Does everyone have to hit bottom?

Is there any use in "forcing" people into treatment?

How do I talk to my adolescent about drinking?

How do I help teach my child or adolescent to say no to drugs?

What is the difference between different providers of Alcohol and Drug Treatment?

Is mandatory or court ordered treatment covered by insurance? Generally, not.

Do you take any managed care plans?  NO

Are there medications which can help with addictions or cravings?

Does your office prescribe medications? No, but we may refer for assessment.

Do you offer inpatient or residential programs? No, we only offer outpatient services.

What might be the costs of treatment?

Are there any advantages of paying for treatment myself rather than using insurance?

Should families, spouses or children be involved in alcohol or drug treatment?

How does an alcoholic mother or father impact the family?

I'm ready to schedule an intake assessment, what should I do?  call 352 336-2888

Where and When are Florida AA Meetings?


Please call (352) 336-2888 for information about this or any of our programs.   We are dedicated to providing quality psychological assessment, consultation, & treatment services to the North Central Florida Community.


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