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Clinical Psychology Associates of North Central Florida features clinical and health psychologists who provide quality consultation, comprehensive psychodiagnostic assessment, & psychotherapeutic services for children, adults and families who may suffer from difficulties in adjusting to pain, major medical illness, and traumatic injuries.

Our staff of psychologists have medical center training and have experience in assessment, consultation, and treatment of children and adults with medical issues such as cancer, transplant candidates, eating disorders, body image, bariatric surgery patients, diabetes, chronic pain, cardiovascular disease and other medical conditions.

Browsing our website and archives can help provide you an understanding of the range of services clinical and health psychologists provide.  Many of our staff have trained in medical centers such as Shands at the University of Florida,  child and adult psychiatric hospitals and centers, as well as Veteran's Administration Medical Centers.  Some of our staff have current or past affiliate staff membership at local hospitals such as North Florida Regional Medical Center and Ocala Regional Medical Center.

Clinical and health psychologists often conduct pre-surgical psychological evaluations.  Examples would be providing pre-surgical bariatric surgery evaluations, evaluations for morphine pumps or dorsal column stimulators, and psychological evaluation for interventional pain procedures.  Neuropsychologists may offer neuropsychological evaluation of brain injuries and may provide neuropsychological assessment of individual who are candidates for deep brain stimulation or neurosurgery for intractable epilepsy. 

Our clinical and health psychologists offer treatment and follow up of cardiac patients, children or adults with diabetes, chronic pain patients, people suffering from eating or body-image disorders, post-partum depression, cancer patients, individuals suffering traumatic injuries and providing psychological approaches for headache care.  Often clinical and health psychologists may work with parents, family, or children of individuals impacted by medical conditions, disease or disorders. This may involve work in educating families, assisting siblings cope with illness of another sibling, or help for other family members dealing with the illness of a loved one.

Approaches can involve psychoeducation, learning techniques to manage and reduce muscle tension and pain, stress management, and coming to terms with the meaning of illness and its impact on roles, family and one's self concept.  Psychologists may also help develop strategies for coping with side-effects of treatment or improving quality of life for those with varied medical conditions.  Since depression and anxiety often co-occur with acute and chronic medical illnesses, psychologists can bring skills to bear in treating and other psychological complications. 

Psychologists can also assist in an overall occupational or vocational rehabilitation plan and carreer counseling needs that may develop.

Visit our Articles and Archives Section for Articles by our Staff.   Sample articles are listed below:

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We have offices in Gainesville & Ocala to serve you.

Please call (352) 336-2888 for information about this or any of our programs. Clinical Psychology Associates is dedicated to providing quality psychological assessment, consultation, & treatment services to the North Central Florida Community.

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