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Dr. Bordini interviewed by WRUF 850 AM on Road Rage and Intermittent Explosive Disorder
Intermittent Explosive Disorder

Raad Rage does not equate to a psychiatric disorder. Intermittent explosive disorder is a historically rare disorder and it's diagnosis requires ruling out other psychiatric disorders such as mood and personality disorder, brain damage, as well as alcohol or substance abuse problems. Maintaining perspective, distraction and relaxation techniques may assist with road rage, while individuals who frequently have angry outbursts more commonly experience personality or mood disorders or may be under large amounts of stress. Intermittent explosive disorder is probably much more rare when these other more common problems are considered and ruled out, but should be considered if there are uncharacteristic episodic rage, especially if repeated minimally provoked outbursts occur which are generally uncharachteristic of an individual. Typically this is evident since childhood.
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