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"The Science of Love: Choosing a Mate Wisely and Maintaining a Strong Relationship"


Dr. Shauna Springer, a licensed Psychologist with Clinical Psychology Associates of North Central Florida, PA, CPANCF.COM will be giving a free talk through the University of Florida Museum Nights program on Valentines Day (Thursday, February 14th at 7 p.m. at the Museum of Natural History ).


Scientific research can teach us valuable lessons about how and why we fall in and out of love. If you have been unlucky in love, or if you are just interested in the topics of mate selection and how to keep romantic relationships strong and satisfying, you will be given a number of insights and learn a number of practical guidelines for creating successful romantic relationships.


Based on a variety of research studies and her clinical experience working with couples, Dr. Springer will…


·       Share strategies for discriminating between mates with real potential, and people who are likely to let you down or hurt you in the future


·       Explain why the natural smell of your armpits may lead biologically fitting mates to pursue you


·       Reveal whether the “beer goggle effect” actually happens


·       Summarize research on whether playing hard-to-get really works


·       Discuss the striking similarities between falling in love and the experience of a cocaine high (and the implications of this)


·       Attempt to explain how couples may transition from “hating each other” one minute to having passionate sex in the next minute


The University of Florida (UF) is sponsoring this free talk and all are welcomed to attend!


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