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Quick Tips for Managing Your Stress

by Kay Hurlock, Psy.D.*

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 Here's some quick tips for managing stress.  It;s the basics of getting yourself under control when you feel your world is spinning out of control.   A great guide for taking it a step at a time, starting now!


First and foremost:   

  • Learn to recognize your stress and its’ triggers

At the office

  • Take a break and get outside
  • Talk with others
  • Watch your caffeine intake
  • Know your limits
  • Remember to breathe
  • Stretch
  • Use a mantra – “I feel calm, cool and in control.I can do this"

   At home, play and everywhere else

  • Get Your Sleep
  • Watch Your Diet
  • Exercise
  • Relax
  • Get involved
  • Listen to some relaxing music
  • Talk with supportive family, friends or a professional
  • Don’t overdo alcohol
  • Leave work stress at the office 



Helpful websites

In addition to other articles in our Clinical Psychology and Associates of North Central Florida Archives and Articles, here are some other quick resources to help you get started on managing your stress:

      Managing Stress and Worry PowerPoint presentation  - Dr. Colleen Cummings


     American Psychological Association  
American Institute of Stress -
Mental Health America -

     National Institutes of Health 
Mayo Clinic 

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*Kay Hurlock, Psy.D. wrote this article while a  psychology resident with Clinical Psychology Associates of North Central Florida.  She is now in private practice as a licensed psychologist in Humble, Texas.

Contact:    Kay Brumbaugh, Psy.D.   18321 W. Lake Houston Suite 310  Humble, TX, 77346    Ph. (832) 800-9558     Website:





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